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The McArthur Family History
Albert Jordan
Albert McArthur Jr
Albert McArthur Sr
Alice McArthur Smith Hampton
Annie McArthur Bethea
Calvin Bethea
Cammie McArthur
Carrie McArthur Hatcher
Cazzie McArthur
Crezell McArthur
Deforest McArthur
Ed McArthur Jr
Ed McArthur Sr
Edmond McArthur
Edith Beck McArthur
Elizabeth "Mimba: Lang McArthur
Ella McArthur English
Gaston McArthur
Jennie McArthur Smith
Joe McArthur
John McArthur
Joseph McArthur
Leona Love McArthur
Mariah McArthur Jordan
Sandy McArthur Jr
Sandy McArthur Sr

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Did you know that our Ancestors voted as early as 1886? Click here to see who they were.
       The MtDNA of our
       enslaved ancestor,
  Mariah McArthur Jordan
     circa 1830 - circa 1910

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".......I know that my great,
great grand father owned slaves and it was a terrible wrong "
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